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As a child raised in an academic home in the heart of Silicon Valley, I was offered the best of everything -- be it education, health, or luxuries.  It was during a conference by Sankara Eye Foundation (an India-based non-profit) in 2011 that I was met with my first jarring glimpse of hardship. These glimpses that changed my life came in the form of a few short, minute-long videos of pre-surgery and post-surgery blind children. I think it was the gratitude and wonder on those small faces that inspired me to initiate change on that day, and it's what motivates me now. I learned that there were millions of people-- real people, with real lives and real dreams-- who were held back by their disability not because they had to be but because they didn't have the resources. I founded Donum Visi with three goals in mind: first, to spread the spirit of service and awareness; second, to sponsor surgeries; and third, to create direct impact through small, practical solutions.  
The goals of Donum Visi are deeply interlinked: inspiration leads to contribution, which leads to solutions and change.
Divija Bhimaraju
President & Founder 
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