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Key Members

Divija Anantasai Bhimaraju

Founder & Ex-Co-President

Manasa Hari Bhimaraju


Rohit Kuppireddy

Vice President - Sciences

Rohit is a 10th grader attending Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, who has been involved with helping the visually impaired since middle school. Rohit successfully led a team of youngsters to qualify for national round of the NSF Science Bee. He is a Life Scout currently on his Eagle project in collabration with the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. In addition to this, Rohit's product, Latch & Patch, a device designed to fix bicycle flat tires in a matter of seconds, won multiple awards in front of a Shark Tank panel.

Technological breakthroughs made in the recent times empowers us to build tools to help the visually impaired to reach their full potential in various walks of life. For this reason, Rohit is interested in helping out people with visual disabilities. Rohit designs the curriculum and teaches science classes to create awareness in youth and raise funds to help those living in poverty undergo eye surgeries..

He is a part of his school's Speech and Debate team and swim team. In his free time, Rohit likes to play video games, and bike. He also volunteers at local charities to teach underprivilged kids.


Navya Rao
Vice President - Strategic Communications

Navya Rao is a current sophomore at Monta Vista High School and is the leader of speech and strategic communications at Donum Visi. This is her second year on the MV Speech team and her first year as a Monta Vista and Kennedy Middle School speech captain. Her primary speech event is Original Oratory, but she also has experience teaching high schoolers Expository Speaking. This past year, she was a finalist at the Jack Howe Invitational speech tournament and the Santa Clara University Tournament, and a semifinalist at the CFL Speech 1 and Speech 2 tournaments. She was also invited to represent Monta Vista at the National Individual Event Tournament of Champions and the University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions.

Navya has been volunteering with Donum Visi for the past three years and has helped contact universities for information on the visually impaired. As the lead for strategic communications, Navya helps maintain the Donum Visi website, organize volunteer and leadership opportunities, and creates monthly newsletters for the organization. Teaching is Navya’s passion and she hopes to continue teaching with Donum Visi for years to come. 

In her free time, Navya learns classical Indian singing, enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her friends and family, and watching Netflix:)


Nitya Kuppireddy

Teacher Leader - Sciences


Nitya is an 8th grader at St. Joseph's Mountain View who also takes advanced classes at Stanford Online High School. She is a Girl Scout, a Student Council member, and a participant in a robotics team sponsored by Google. In her free time, she learns classical music and dance. She likes to play basketball, hang out with her friends, and volunteer at local non-profits.


Nitya wants to help blind people because she feels that they should have the opportunity to pursue their passions. She has researched and taught classes concerning technological advances in science. She volunteers at Donum Visi to help enable others to overcome their visual impairments. Nitya aims to continue volunteering for this cause in the future.

Arjun Gurjar

Teacher Leader - Science & Communications

Arjun Gurjar is a 7th grader who is passionate about Science, Ceramics and Debate and has participated in several competitions. He is also a Karate 1st Degree Blackbelt and is in pursuit of his 2nd Degree. He plays basketball and badminton.

Arjun loves photography and is an avid animal lover. In his spare time, he reads books, cooks and enjoys doing home-improvement projects.

Arjun believes that Donum Visi is focused on a noble objective of improving the lives of the visually impaired. He is inspired by the opportunity to be able to contribute to this cause.

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